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Mary Crogier the designer and founder of Vauje started off making jewelry to compliment retro and vintage attire. She reached her rockabilly goal when her jewels adorned the neck of Bernie Dexter a high profile retro model.  


After some time passed, Mary Crogier started to tap into her creative side by making more artistic pieces. Now every idea and skill that has been picked up throughout her creative journey is  poured into art, fashion, and couture pieces. Vauje adorns your ears, neck, arms, head, waist, and fingers. Now we can adorn the walls of your living or work space.    
Vauje evokes the vibrant glamorous side of you that is sometimes drowned out by the everyday cares of life. With Vauje adored on your body or in your home, you can feel confident in knowing you have a good quality statement piece to wear or display that will receive compliments on over and over again. Vauje is conversation starter. Vauje will illuminate you. 


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